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  • εжз :What about nature do they find calming? What about nature do they find disagreeable?

Sei really enjoys waking up early to watch the sun rise if he’s out of Platinum Jail. He finds the way the world lights up so quickly pretty magical. He likes quiet, warm days and calm nights. He hates storms though, especially at night. The flash of the lightning freaks him out. 

» In Depth Headcanon Prompts; Set 1
☠ : Are there any recent/daily thoughts they have about death or dying?
☯ : Do they believe for every darkness there is a lightness? If not, why?
♥ : Name one thing about the way their emotions work that they despise.
☆ : Would they ever wish upon a falling star? If so, what would they wish?
☁ : Describe how they would spend a stormy, overcast/rainy day.
☂ : Storms or clear skies?
εжз : What about nature do they find calming? What about nature do they find disagreeable?
☎ : List three or more people they would call out for during an emergency.
☛ : What is their typical response to being given orders?
☢ : Describe a thought or dream that would cause them to have a mental meltdown.
✄ : Are there any reasons why they would ever think of self-harm? If so, what are they?
❤ : Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.
❥ : Describe a verbal way they would express complete trust.
✗ : Explain how they portray feelings of hostility or dislike.
⊗ : What is something that causes them to question themself?
☾ : On a sleepless night, what would they be found doing?
☤ : Is there anything about their health they are continuously on edge about? Something they disregard?
✓ : Name at least two people who can trust them with their life.
❣: Describe a way that will earn affection (whether platonic or romantic) from them.
✖ : Describe a way to make them uneasy or apprehensive.
♆ : Are they prone to violent outbursts or thoughts?
✏ : What are their creative outlets?
✉ : Do they tend to rely on words or actions more?
♡ : Is there a certain scent that brings about nostalgia? If so, describe a memory this scent brings back.
۞: Are there any inner demons they can never seem to get rid of? What are they?

"I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."

"Nnnn…" Sei sighed, gently running his fingers through his brother’s long hair. He wasn’t going to claim that he was uncomfortable at all with Aoba laying on him. No, he had a big warm, snuggly Ao-blanket this way, but… "I need to go make dinner for us… I can’t do it from on the floor." 


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» Fifteen Fluffy One-Liners
1. "Will you cuddle with me?"
2. "Can we hold hands?"
3. "You're really soft."
4. "You smell nice."
5. "I like you. A lot."
5. "Can I play with your hair?"
6. "Stop making me get lost in your eyes."
7. "I'll share the blankets with you."
8. "I'm here for my daily hugs and kisses."
9. "You're cute."
10. "I wanna be your cuddle buddy."
11. "Let's spend the day in bed."
12. "I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."
13. "Let me love you!"
14. "I'm cold. Come closer."
15. "You can put your cold feet on me."

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